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Revolutionizing the Automated Valuation Industry

Smithfield & Wainwright is the leader in providing the objective, forward looking, automated eValuation capabilities needed to support stability and growth for investors, government entities, and financial institutions in the U.S real estate market.


The Most Accurate Automated eValuation

Smithfield & Wainwright has developed the industry's first automated multiple approach eValuation. Residential Asset Monitoring utilizes models that incorporate advanced statistical methods and complex, proprietary algorithms. We use these models to provide current RAM® collateral value estimates on nearly 100+ million properties within the United States.



Smithfield & Wainwright has developed the most powerful automated real estate eValuation and collateral risk mitigation tool in the industry. Our solutions enable users to evaluate and manage risk for a single asset as well as an entire portfolio.


Regulatory Environment

Prudent portfolio monitoring is at the forefront of today's enhanced regulatory environment. Smithfield & Wainwright's solution enables our clients to accurately monitor their portfolio for collateral risk.


The Standard in Valuation®

Smithfield & Wainwright's eValuation methodologies employ all three approaches as recognized by USPAP—sales comparison, cost and income— in determining property values and creating confidence scores. This return to the fundamental principles of real estate eValuation—coupled with Smithfield & Wainwright’s extensive nationwide property database— is the foundation that provides lenders, regulators and investors with confidence that eValuations are based on real-world factors and not driven solely by speculative investment data.


Systemic Risk

The only way to accurately and confidently identify systemic risk within your real estate portfolio is through a true understanding of the portfolio’s collateral value. Our solution provides a fast and cost efficient portfolio collateral valuation.


The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, mandates regulators to take a more-concise look at critical bank assets, Tier 1 capital ratios, loan loss reserves, and balance sheet management

Automated Evaluation

Smithfield & Wainwright has developed the first Automated eValuation to incorporate the three approaches to value i.e. Sales, Cost, & Income. This comprehensive eValuation approach provides a cost effective alternative to appraisals.



Residential Asset Monitoring is the first automated real estate eValuation and collateral risk management tool to incorporate all three USPAP recognized valuation approaches—sales comparison, cost and income. 


Commercial Asset Monitoring is the first automated commercial real estate eValuation and collateral risk management tool to incorporate all three USPAP recognized valuation approaches—replacement cost, sales comparisons, and property lease or rental income.


IUM™ allows a carrier to evaluate additional risk factors in a report that consolidates nearly all of the information needed to make an underwriting decision in one place and at one time. 

S&W Indexes™

Read the Special Study: "Identifying overvaluation in the U.S. housing market: The relationship between the sales comparison approach and the income and cost approaches from 1991 - 2014"